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Lynda Snell Society (LSS)Edit

The LSS has sometimes been described as a bunch of troublemakers by those with a grip on reality. The real difficulty is that these critics’ grip on reality is so strong that they cannot possibly understand the creative processes and the genuine concerns that a woman such as our heroine, Mrs Snell, has for the world, and her desire to be always helpful to her less fortunate acquaintances. Mrs Snell’s practical demeanour is also frowned on by those idlers and social ingrates that inhabit her world but does Mrs Snell let this upset her? No, she does not because she is secure in the knowledge that her very presence is improving someone’s life. The Society’s archive, records the LSS Officer Corps’ roll, the poems of LSS’ bard and other useful information for the researcher: information courtesy of the LSS Military Wing whose web pages are at a secret location.

Helen Archer Haters Association (HAHA)Edit

HAHA is a secret society that believes in expunging Helen Archer from the face of the earth, or at least punishing her until she learns to be a reasonable person. It came to the attention of HAHA members that Hell-en was to undertake a work placement in Zimbabwe and that the hippopotamus is a native of the region.

What appeals to HAHA is that the hippo has an idiosyncratic method of defecation, whereby it twirls its tail to distribute its, ahem, product in a wide arc. HAHA have been actively recruiting hippos of all sizes for use in their campaign which is set to culminate in the burying of Hell-en by an assembled company of specially trained hippos.

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