Maps and pictures of Ambridge and other locations featured in The ArchersEdit

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Ambridge Map An illustration by Robert Jones (paperback) ISBN 0-7153-8911-4 Published: David & Charles 1986

Archers Addicts Official Map of Ambridge John Humphreys {paperback} ISBN 1-8735-9008-3 Published by Old House Books 1994

A colour picture map showing all the buildings and other features within the village and surrounding countryside, from 'The Archers'.

The Official Map of Ambridge An illustration by Roy Barnes Text adapted by Hedli Niklaus from The Book of the Archers. This is the map that is also printed on the inside covers of “The Book” Published: Old House Books 1994

Ambridge & Borchester District - The Definitive Map published: Draughtsman Ltd 1999 This is a street map of Ambridge, home of the radio serial "The Archers". The map shows the entire village and surrounding area in colour with street names, road numbers and all significant places and buildings named. It includes a street plan of Borchester Town Centre showing pubs and shops.

The Ambridge Panorama A bird’s eye view of the World. Celebrating 50th anniversary. ISBN 1 9018 8905 X Published by Magnetic North 2003

This illustrated map shows the village of Ambridge in full colour and great detail, with all the significant buildings and places depicted. Around the map is much other information to keep the reader occupied, and a "timeline" shows the major events since "The Archers" began on the 1st of January 1951. The product ties in with and complements the existing "Ambridge and Borchester District Map" in that it is quite different in style and concentrates entirely on the village, the story and the characters.

Jigsaw PuzzlesEdit

‘The Archers’ 1,000 piece puzzle Paul Lammond Games 1,000 piece puzzle of the famous village of Ambridge, based on research from records since the programme began in 1951. Age 11+

‘The Archers’ game Paul Lammond Games The Ambridge game of action, answering and acting. The ideal present for all those addicts.

The Archers JigsawEdit

A fun jigsaw based on Roy Barnes' lovely designs for The Archers calendars. 1000 piece puzzle measuring 489mm X 686mm. It'll test your mettle but not drive you to tears


Archers (wall) Calendar 2006. Published Slow Dazzle Worldwide, 2005 Archers (paperback) Calendar 2005. Published Slow Dazzle Worldwide, 2004 ISBN 1-8433-7261-4 Archers Calendar 2004. Published Slow Dazzle Worldwide. 2003 ISBN 1-8433-7216-9 Archers Calendar 2003. Published Slow Dazzle Worldwide. 2002 ISBN 1-8433-7075-1 Archers (wall) Calendar 2002. Published Slow Dazzle Worldwide. 2001 ISBN 1-9031-1381-4 Archers Calendar 2000. Published Slow Dazzle Worldwide 1999 ISBN 2-8630-0143-4

Tom Forrest's Country Calendar Edited by Charles Lefeaux This was compiled from material for The Archers written by C Gordon Glover & Phil Drabble Published: BBC 1978

Godfrey Baseley’s Country Calendar Hardcover. ISBN 0-2839-7959-3 Published Sidgwick & Jackson 1975

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