This FAQ builds on the work of many contributors. The Millennium version of the FAQ, from which large chunks have been drawn, was complied by Charles Hankel and updated by Chris McMillan and Peter Hesketh. Charles included the following acknowledgement:

The following contributors’ names have been found on the various FAQs incorporated into this one from which Charles drew together information on publications and memorabilia.
Graham Allsopp, Malcolm Austen, Tim Biller, John Bray, Rosie Burroughs, John Clegg, Chris Cook, Owen Dunn, Robin Fairbairns, Malcolm Farmer, Martin Fiddler, Alan Fitch, Iain Fleming, J. P. Gilliver, Pat Hanby, Richard Herring, Sarah Hill, Michael Hopkins, Andy Howard, Ian, Timothy Lee, Jim Leeder, Eugenia Low, Paul Martin, Paul McAuley, Glyn Pollington, Tim Reid, Steve Riddle, Andy Seagroatt, Brenda Selwyn, Sal Spring, Stephen Turner, Will Stevens, Chris Walshaw, John Whalley, Gordon Woods, Morrells’ brewery.

The current version also owes a great deal to the work of Andy Roberts, and to others including Gumrat, Kimbo, Stephen Bowden, KRW...

And in a different league, Tony Franks, without whose original innocent question these pages would never have been made...

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